Unveiling The Mystery Of Tirumala Pushkarini


Hi All Today I would like to write an article on Unveiling the Mystery of Tirumala Pushkarni. Join me on a captivating journey as we explore the mysterious stories of Tirumala Pushkarini. Over centuries, speculation has surrounded the 8th step on the pond’s southern side. During my research in Tirumala, I’ve uncovered two interesting versions of this tale. In this article, I’ll share these findings and reveal the truth

Version 1:

The Samadhi Beneath Swami’s Mulavirat: The first version of this mystery suggests that there is a Jeevasamadhi (final resting place) of Siddhar Konganar beneath the feet of Venkateshwara Swami in Tirumala. However, this version is debunked by the fact that the temple is constructed following the rules of Agama Sastra, making it impossible for such a samadhi to exist there. Instead, there are other significant places of spiritual importance in Tirumala, such as the Jeevasamadhi of Vengamamba Garu and the Brindavanam of Anantalwar Garu. Hathiram Babaji Garu’s samadhi is also located on Tirumala hill. The first version is simply a combination of these different places and is not true.

Version 2:

The 8th Stair Secret: The second version claims that Konganar Siddar’s samadhi is beneath the 8th stair on the southern side of the Pushkarini. This version has gained popularity in Tamil videos and articles. During one of my research visits, I encountered a Sadhu who claimed this secret. He instructed us to meditate there, suggesting that we would feel its vibrations. However, I continued to research and investigate deeply into it even contacting many people from Tamilnadu my efforts to investigate further concluded that this version is also untrue

Historical Context:

To understand why these versions are unlikely, we need to consider the historical context. Konganar Siddar lived during the 4th or 5th century, while the current Pushkarini in its Northeast corner was constructed in the 19th century. Originally, the Pushkarini was located in the Northwest corner, behind the present one. It was only when it became damaged that Achyutharayula Varu renovated it, giving it the name Achyutharayula Koneru. The experts of the 19th century advised relocating the water source to the Northeast corner, leading to the excavation of a new Pushkarini. Therefore, the stairs of the new Pushkarini were built in the 19th century, long after Konganar Siddar’s time.

Conclusion :

In conclusion, while Konganar Siddar’s samadhi may exist in Tirumala due to his historical presence and meditation there, there is no concrete evidence to support the claims of it being under Swami’s Mulavirat or beneath the 8th stair of the new Pushkarini. This video aims to provide clarity on this matter and dispel the myths surrounding Tirumala Pushkarini.

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