Tirumala Idol Attraction secrets


In this article, we set out to reveal the deep mysteries of Tirumala Balaji’s deity also known as Tirumala Idol Attraction Secrets, and the concealed temples that remain largely unknown. Before we dive into these captivating stories, let’s ask four thought-provoking questions to steer our investigation.

  1. Why does Tirumala Balaji’s deity hold a magnetic attraction that draws countless devotees for a glimpse?
  2. How did Lord Balaji’s idol mysteriously start bleeding when he was wounded as a child?
  3. Why did great devotees like Annamacharya and Hathiram Bavaji rush to Tirumala instead of their local Balaji temples?
  4. What makes Tirumala so special that it beckons devotees from far and wide?

Uncovering Ancient Secrets

Our journey transports us an incredible 2 billion years into the past, to a period known as the “Shweta Varaha Kalpa.” During this era, Lord Vishnu took the form of Varaha Swamy and, at the request of the Devas and Brahma, lifted the Earth. He selected Tirumala as his abode, marking the beginning of this hill’s sacred history.

In later epochs, specifically during the “Swarochisha Manvantara,” the sage Shnkhana’s meditation led to the manifestation of Lord Vishnu at Tirumala, precisely where the mysterious “Shila Thoranam” (Mystic Rock Arch) now stands. Geologists confirm that this arch is 1.5 billion years old and acts as a gateway between dimensions, enabling rapid travel between distant realms.

The Birth of Temples

Lord Vishnu asked the celestial engineer, Vishwakarma, to build a 1,000-pillared temple at Tirumala, making the idol match the size of Shila Thoranam. He pledged to come back during the Kali Yuga of a later Manvantara, causing the temple and idol to eventually vanish from their physical existence.

During the Dwapara Yuga, a devotee of Lord Krishna named Vikhanasa (also known as Gopi Nadha) was instructed by the divine to uncover Lord Balaji’s buried idol at Tirumala. With the help of another devoted soul named Ranga Dasu, they built a temple and began the Vaikhanasa Agama rituals that continue at the temple even now.

A Tale of Reincarnation

Ranga Dasu loved decorating with flowers, and because of his past life, he rediscovered the sacred wells at the temple. But he lost his job at the temple when his devotion wavered after an encounter with a celestial being. Surprisingly, it turned out that both Ranga Dasu and the tribal devotee were actually rebirths of King Thondaman. This discovery strengthened Thondaman’s relationship with Lord Balaji.

The Promise of Lord Balaji

After Lord Balaji got married to Goddess Padmavathi, he stayed at sage Agastya’s Ashram for six months. During this time, King Thondaman was given the task of building “Ananda Nilayam” on Tirumala Hill. There were two conditions: protect a tamarind tree that was special to Lord Balaji and safeguard a Champak tree symbolizing Sri Lakshmi.

King Thondaman fulfilled these conditions and even dug wells and a tunnel connecting to his palace at the exact spots where they had existed in the distant past. This demonstrated Thondaman’s deep connection to the hill and Lord Balaji.

The Transition to Deity

Later in his life, Thondaman made some mistakes that upset Lord Balaji. One night, Thondaman entered “Ananda Nilayam” without permission, further disappointing the Lord. In response, Lord Balaji decided to transform into a Saligrama stone idol, which remained in plain view but hidden in its true form.

A Parallel Dimension

In Tirumala today, there are two separate dimensions. The first one is what everyone can see, including the stone temple, the idol of Lord Balaji, and the priests conducting rituals. The second dimension, hidden from view, is where Lord Balaji lives in his physical form, along with Brahma and other deities performing ceremonies and celebrations.

Lord Balaji sometimes moves between these two dimensions, but only very devoted followers, like Ananthalwar and Hathiram Bavaji, can see him in his true form. This hidden dimension also includes Pushkarini, the sacred lake.


The hidden stories of Tirumala Balaji’s deity and temples show how strong devotion and the long history of this sacred hill are truly remarkable. When we visit Tirumala, we shouldn’t just see statues and buildings. Instead, we can imagine a deeper world, a second dimension where the divine presence is real and powerful. Here I would like to conclude the article Tirumala Idol Attraction Secrets. Please read my article related to The Inspiring Life of Tarigonda Vengamamba.

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