The Inspiring Life of Tarigonda Vengamamba


In the heart of Tirumala, a small village in India, the legacy of devotion and unwavering faith lives on through the remarkable life of Tarigonda Vengamamba. Born in 1730, her life story is a testament to the enduring power of faith and devotion. Vengamamba’s life was marked by challenges, insults, and societal norms, but through it all, her deep love for Lord Venkateswara remained unshaken. In this article, we will delve into The Inspiring Life of Tarigonda Vengamamba and the lessons we can learn from her remarkable life

Early Devotion

From a very young age, Vengamamba exhibited a profound sense of devotion. She often engaged in meditation, seeking a connection with the divine. At a pivotal moment in her youth, Lord Venkateswara appeared to her during meditation and declared Himself as her husband. This divine encounter solidified her unwavering belief that the Lord was her spouse.

Challenges and Resilience

Vengamamba faced difficulties when her parents arranged her marriage to a young man. Sadly, her husband passed away early, leaving her a widow. Despite societal pressure to follow widowhood traditions, she firmly believed that Lord Venkateswara was her eternal spouse and didn’t waver in her devotion. Society criticized her, but she stayed true to her faith.

The Widows’ Plight

In her strong devotion, Vengamamba defied societal norms that unfairly treated widows. She refused to abandon traditional symbols of a married woman, like the bindi, flowers, and bangles, because she believed Lord Venkateswara was her eternal spouse. Society criticized her, but she stood firm in her beliefs.

Encounter with a Spiritual Guide

Vengamamba’s life changed significantly when her father consulted a spiritual guru who advised her to prioritize her devotion and disregard societal judgments. She began a deep spiritual journey, dedicating many hours to chanting the Narasimha mantra and gaining extraordinary spiritual abilities.

Arrival in Tirumala

Because her village rejected her, Vengamamba went to Tirumala, where she encountered fresh difficulties. Even though she stayed devoted, finding a place to stay was tough, and she endured tough conditions, sometimes sleeping outside temples in different weather.

Divine Intervention

Vengamamba’s strong devotion was noticed by Lord Venkateswara. He told her to ask Goddess Lakshmi, His eternal partner, for permission to stay in Tirumala. After her prayers, Goddess Lakshmi allowed her to construct an ashram and receive daily offerings from the Lord’s kitchen.

Tulsi Garden Miracle:

Because of her deep love for the Lord, Vengamamba wanted to make a Tulsi garden near Papanashanam in Tirumala. She encountered a big problem: a huge rock in the ground. However, she prayed to Lord Shiva and, miraculously, the waters of the Ganges started flowing to water her garden.

Divine Compositions

Vengamamba’s devotion reached both Lord Venkateswara and Lord Shiva. She wrote songs praising both of them, and these songs still inspire devotees today.

Conflict with the Lead Priest

As Vengamamba’s popularity grew, she faced resentment from the lead priest, Akkaram Dikshit, who tormented her out of envy. He went to great lengths to insult her, even going so far as to throw food remnants into her Tulsi garden.

The Divine Curse

In a sad turn of events, Vengamamba, in a moment of anger for the first time, cursed Akkaram Dikshit. Her curse caused his death, as well as the deaths of his son and grandson. This incident shows how powerful words can be and the consequences they can have.

A Divine Revelation

Vengamamba was very upset about what happened because of her curse. She went to the temple to find peace, and something incredible happened. The Lord appeared to her in His true form and reassured her. He gave her a special command: her Aarati would be performed in the temple every day.

Enter Sajiva Samadhi

To avoid being disturbed by devotees, Vengamamba entered deep meditation known as Sajiva Samadhi. Even in this state, she continued to offer daily Aarati to the Lord, but only in her subtle, invisible form. Her family would carry on this important tradition.


Tarigonda Vengamamba’s life shows how strong devotion and faith can be. Her unwavering love for Lord Venkateswara went beyond societal norms and personal problems. Her story inspires everyone looking for a deeper connection with the divine. This is about The Inspiring Life of Tarigonda Vengamamba. Please read my other article about the 12 Energy Points of Tirumala Pushkarini.

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