Sripada Vallabha At Kuruvapuram

Hi All in this article I would like to explain a place called Kuruvapuram with the title Sripada Vallabha At Kuruvapuram. In the world of spirituality and mysticism, there are special places with strong ties to divine beings and their amazing tales. Kuruvapuram, an island by the Krishna River, is one such holy spot where Sripada Vallabha Swami, a revered saint and the embodiment of Lord Dattatreya, left his divine mark. In this article, we’ll explore the mystical events and important places in Kuruvapuram, uncovering the deep spirituality and hidden treasures of this unique location.

The Penance of Sripada Vallabha Swami

Sripada Vallabha Swami, during His time on Kuruvapuram, would sit in a cave-like enclave, engaging in daily penance. The tranquil surroundings of the island, with the Krishna River flowing nearby, provided the perfect setting for His spiritual practices. Here, a washerman played a crucial role in adorning the space, sprinkling water, and creating floral designs daily. Deeply inspired by Swami’s divine aura, the washerman, in awe, would offer obeisances and chant the sacred mantra, “Digambara Digambara Sripada Vallabha digambara, Digambara Digambara Avadhoota chintana digambara.

The Washer Man’s Desire

One day, the washerman was working by the river when he saw a Yavana king (Nawab) sailing by on a boat with a grand entourage, carrying lots of fancy food and luxuries. This sight amazed the washerman and made him think about how different his own life was. He worked hard washing clothes for the villagers, while the Nawab enjoyed a life of luxury and ease.

As the washerman kept thinking about this, he still took care of the place where Swami did penance. Then, one day, Sripada Vallabha Swami, with his deep understanding, came up to the washerman and asked, “Do you wish to become a king?” The washerman was surprised that Swami knew what he had been thinking and shyly said yes, asking for forgiveness.

A Divine Blessing

Swami saw that the washerman had faced many difficulties in life. Swami then asked if the washerman wanted to become a king in his current life or the next. The washerman, appreciating the chance but considering his age, chose to be a king in his next life. Swami agreed and promised him a life of luxury and ease as a king in the future. However, later on, the washerman, influenced by Swami’s presence and teachings, changed his wish. Instead of wanting to be a king, he asked for Swami’s guidance and companionship.

Swami told the washerman that in a future life, He would come to be with him. The washerman wondered how he would recognize this special connection, and Swami reassured him that he would remember when the time was right. With Swami’s blessings, the washerman left, feeling thankful in his heart.

The Transformation of a Brahmana’s Son

In Kuruvapuram, there lived a Brahmana scholar named Ambika and her son, who faced significant challenges. Despite the father’s scholarly abilities, the son struggled to learn, even after many attempts. After his upanayana ceremony, he couldn’t even recite the Gayatri mantra. Tragedy struck when the father fell ill and passed away.

Left alone with her son, Ambika faced immense sorrow. The son, unable to follow in his family’s footsteps, resorted to begging. Society’s harsh taunts and insults took a toll on him, with people suggesting he end his life.

In their darkest hour, mother and son journeyed to the Krishna River, seeking solace. Along the way, they discovered Sripada Vallabha Swami meditating under a sacred tree. They bowed before him, burdened by their grief.

Swami’s Guidance

Sripada Vallabha Swami, known for his compassion and wisdom, heard Ambika’s story. He advised her to perform daily Shiva puja during pradosha time, assuring her of a transformed life in her next birth, promising a son like himself. Ambika, however, worried about her present challenges.

Swami then summoned Ambika’s feeble-minded son, placed his hand on the boy’s head, and blessed him with “Hasta mastaka samyogam.” Instantly, the boy’s mental faculties improved, and he became proficient in the Vedas and Vedangas.

Ambika, filled with gratitude, faithfully continued the Shiva archana during pradosha time for the rest of her life. Her devotion paid off when, in her next life, she became the mother of none other than Sripada Vallabha Swami Himself, who graced Karanja, Maharashtra, with His divine presence.

The Departure of Sripada Vallabha Swami

To fulfill His promise of reincarnation, Sripada Vallabha Swami needed to leave His current body. In an extraordinary act, He dissolved into the holy waters of the Krishna River during the Ashwayuja month, on Krishna Paksha Dwadasi, marking His departure from Kuruvapuram and preparing for His next incarnation as Sri Nrusimha Saraswathy Swamy in Karanja.

For those planning a spiritual journey to Kuruvapuram, the voyage commences with a trip to Raichur, located on the Karnataka-Andhra Pradesh border. From Raichur, a bus ride of approximately 15-20 kilometers will take you to Atkur. Upon reaching the Krishna River’s banks, a brief boat ride transports you to the mystical island of Kuruvapuram.

Kuruvapuram has five important places to visit:

Swami’s Penance Site: Here, in a small cave-like enclave, Swami performed His daily penance. Padukas representing Swami’s divine presence are enshrined here. The daily evening aarti performed at this location is a mesmerizing experience.

The Sacred Banyan Tree: A majestic banyan tree with a small temple underneath stands as a testament to Swami’s divine connection with nature. It was here that Swami performed penance, and today, the tree remains a symbol of his spiritual energy

Surya Namaskaram Stone: Located in the Krishna River, this stone bears a resemblance to someone in a posture of obeisance. Swami used to perform Surya Namaskar on this stone daily, infusing it with His divine energy.

Cave with Shivalayam: A cave with a Shivalayam atop it holds historical significance. It was a place where a great snake performed penance for centuries. Later, it was blessed by the presence of Swami Himself. Visitors can meditate here and connect with the spiritual vibrations

Panchadev Pahad: Situated on the opposite bank of the Krishna River, this sacred site was often used by Sripada Vallabha Swami for gatherings and satsangs. Today, it houses a magnificent temple and offers Nitya Annadanam, serving free food daily.


Kuruvapuram’s spiritual allure attracts people from across the globe. The journey to this mystical island, coupled with its peaceful atmosphere and sacred sites, leaves a lasting impression on the hearts and souls of all who visit. It’s a place where legends become reality, and faith deepens in the divine. As Sripada Vallabha Swami said, “You’ll grasp the true power of Kuruvapuram once you experience the happiness it brings. This is the article about Sripada Vallabha At Kuruvapuram. Please read the previous article on The Birth Place of Sripada Sri Vallabhacharya.

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