What is the importance of Pushkarini?

Hi All In this article I would like to provide information about 12 Energy Points of Tirumala Pushkarni. When you visit famous historic shrines, the deities therein are self-manifested, created by God Himself. Our country has flourished with many such temples. For example, Ashtadasa Shakti Peethams and Dwadasa Jyothirlingams. But most of the Pushkarini, are generally constructed by the kings.

This is not the case with Tirumala. In Tirumala, the temple tank or Pushkarini is also self-manifested and is very powerful. Due to our ignorance regarding the Tirumala temple tank, we often worry about darshan (the sight of the deity), accommodation, and laddu (a sweet offering) when we visit Tirumala, and we return once these are fulfilled.

Almost 90% of devotees visiting Tirumala leave without taking a bath in the temple tank. However, once we understand the compelling sacred heritage of the temple tank, we would not return without taking a bath in it. So, let us discuss the 12 Energy Points of Tirumala Pushkarni by ending the introduction.

The River Viraja

There is a message about Tirumala that is often circulated on WhatsApp, claiming that there is a river behind the main deity in which the remains of religious rites are disposed of without looking back. While this part of the message is not true, there is indeed a river in the sanctum behind the sanctum of the main deity, called Viraja.

This river’s origin is Vaikuntham, the abode of Lord Sri Maha Vishnu. When Lord Vishnu descended to Tirumala, all the residents and devotees of Lord Vishnu also descended to Tirumala. The descendants of Vaikuntha are located at different places in Tirumala.

The location of River Viraja is described as follows: The sanctum in which the main deity resides is called ‘Vimana Prakaram.’ The sanctum behind the Vimana Prakaram is called ‘Sampangi Prakaram,’ where a ritual called ‘Kalyanam’ is performed. In this sanctum, at one end, the deities of Lord Venkateswara are placed. If you take a right from there, you will find a well that contains River Viraja. Four beautiful monuments are carved around the well. Devotees were allowed to see it long back now we are not allowed to visit.

The River Viraja in the well has descended from Vaikuntha and is sacred and pious. However, we can’t take a bath in the river. If you take a bath in the temple tank at Tirumala, you will have the power to take a bath in River Viraja in Vaikuntha. This river flows below the main deity, which is why the priests claim that one can hear the sound of the river when near the main deity. This is one of the secrets that many of us do not know.

The River Saraswati’s Desire

Once, Goddess Saraswati performed penance for the Lord. She desired that, like the river Ganga, river Saraswati should also be visible to the world, and devotees should be able to take a bath in it. However, sage Pulastya arrived during her penance, and Goddess Saraswati, deep in meditation, failed to acknowledge him.

After the curse, Goddess Saraswati confronted sage Pulastya and, as he was her son (Brahma Manasa Putrudu), cursed him that his lineage would come to an end in the hands of demons. After the curse from Goddess Saraswati, demons like Ravana and Kumbhakarna were born in sage Pulastya’s lineage. Vibheeshana was also born in the same lineage.

The Power of Eight Directions

The temple pushkarni at Tirumala has eight directions, each filled with the power of the penance of five dikpalakas (Guardians of directions) and three sages. Touching the water in these respective places yields different benefits and can banish even the greatest difficulties.

  1. Kubera Theertham (North Direction): Bathing here guarantees financial stability. If you face financial hurdles, a bath in Kubera Theertham can help you gain the required stability.
  2. Ahnika Mandapam of Vyasa Rayalu (North Bank): Vyasa Rayalu stayed 12 years in Tirumala and performed Sandhyavandhanam daily by the banks of the temple tank. Bathing here grants the power to perform Sandhyavandhanam countless times.
  3. Galava Theertham (North-East Direction): A bath here cleanses your life of sorrows and fills it with happiness.
  4. Markandeya Theertham (East Direction): Bathing here ensures that you do not suffer untimely deaths.
  5. Agni Theertham (South-East Direction): Bathing here can heal long-term diseases.
  6. Yama Theertham (South Direction): Bathing here ensures that you do not suffer the punishments of hell.
  7. Vasistha Theertham (South-West Direction): Bathing here can clear difficulties regarding debts.
  8. Varuna Theertham (West Direction): Bathing here cleanses you of all sins, which can help eliminate difficulties in your life.
  9. Vayuvya Theertham (North-West Direction): Bathing here can lead to Moksham, liberation from the cycle of birth and death.


It is important to note that while there are powerful theerthams in all eight directions, some directions may not be accessible due to the closure of certain areas of the temple tank. In response, the management has taken measures to purify the temple tank and open it on auspicious days.

This is about 12 Energy Points 0f Tirumala Pushkarni and please read an article related to Govinda Mala Deeksha.

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