Power of Shri Guru Charitra

A profound and transformative text holds a special place in the hearts of countless devotees in the Datta Sampradaya. In this article, how to perform Guru Charitra Parayana.

In the state of Maharashtra, where devotion to Lord Dattatreya runs deep is a ubiquitous presence in households. Much like how Sundarakanda Parayana is cherished among the Andhra people, Maharashtrians have an enduring connection.

The Contents of Guru Charitra

To understand this, it is essential to explore its contents and the narrative it presents. The text begins with a detailed description of the appearance of Lord Dattatreya, the embodiment of the Trinity – Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva.

The first incarnation is that of Sripada Sri Vallabha Swami. This part of the narrative culminates with His immersion into the holy waters of the Krishna River at Kuruvapuram, leaving His devotees in a state of divine wonderment.

The second incarnation of Lord Dattatreya in Kali Yuga is Nrusimha Saraswati Swami. It goes on to recount the life and teachings of this illustrious sage, from His birth to His eventual departure from the physical realm. These teachings have continued to inspire and guide seekers of truth for generations.

In-depth Exploration of Topics

  1. Punya and Papa (Virtue and Sin): It expounds upon the concepts of virtue and sin, elucidating the consequences of one’s actions and the path to atonement.
  2. Rudram: The text provides insights into the significance and power of the Rudram, a sacred Vedic chant dedicated to Lord Shiva.
  3. Vratams (Vows): Various vows and rituals are detailed, shedding light on their spiritual significance and how they can be observed to attain divine grace.

Annapurna Avataram: It narrates the divine play of Nrusimha Saraswati Swami, including the manifestation of the Annapurna Avataram, a form of the Goddess.

These topics offer a comprehensive understanding of spirituality and guide leading a righteous and fulfilling life

The Mystique of Chapter Variations

This discrepancy has led to confusion regarding the division of chapters and the corresponding daily readings for parayana. Here’s a breakdown of the daily readings for a Saptaha Parayana:


Thursday: Chapters 1 to 9, covering the appearance of Lord Dattatreya and the birth of Sripada Sri Vallabha Swami, leading up to His disappearance in the Krishna River at Kuruvapuram.

Friday: Chapters 10 to 21, encompass Swami’s birth as Nrusimha Saraswati Swami and His time at Narasobawadi and Gangapuram.

Saturday: Chapters 22 to 29, detailing Swami’s pastimes at Sangamam and His teachings on Bhasma Dharana (the application of sacred ash).

Sunday: Chapters 30 to 34, which include Swami’s journey to Gangapur Matham, His activities there, and His teachings, notably on the significance of Rudrabhishekam.

Monday: Chapters 35 to 37, incorporating the Somavaram Vratam (Monday fast).

Tuesday: Chapters 38 to 43, cover various events, including Swami accepting alms from Bhaskara Sharma and revealing the Annapurna Avataram.

Wednesday: Chapters 44 to 52, concluding with Swami’s visit to Kadalivanam and His disappearance there.

Regulations for Parayana

To enhance the spiritual efficacy of Parayana, there are specific regulations to be followed:

  1. Sleep on the Floor: During the period of parayana, it is advisable to sleep on the floor, fostering a sense of humility and simplicity.
  2. Observing Celibacy: Maintaining celibacy during the week of parayana helps channel one’s energy and focus inward, amplifying the spiritual experience.
  3. Eating Sattvik Food: Consuming sattvik (pure and vegetarian) food promotes mental clarity and purity.

The Litmus Test of Acceptance

One of the most profound aspects of Parayana is the sense of connection it establishes with Lord Dattatreya. Practitioners often witness divine signs and blessings as a testament to the acceptance of their parayana. These experiences serve as tangible evidence of the spiritual journey’s success

Culminating the Parayana

As the seven-day parayana comes to an end, it is customary to place the book near an image or idol of Lord Dattatreya.

The Enduring Connection.

One remarkable aspect of Parayana is its lasting impact on the devotee. It is not uncommon for individuals to become deeply attached after completing the parayana. This profound connection often leads to the adoption of Nithya Parayana, wherein one reads a chapter daily. The enduring bond serves as a source of strength, guidance, and solace.


It is a scripture that resonates deeply with the hearts of those who engage with its teachings. This is the best and correct way of parayana and definitely, we get to know the power of Guru Charitra. In my previous article I wrote about Sripada Vallaba At Kuruvapuram please read the article.

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