How to perform Durga Puja step by step?

Process Of Navratri Puja:

Hello, everyone! Navaratri is approaching, and it\’s an important time. Let me explain it in simple words.

During Navaratri, two important things happen in nature. One is good, and the other is not so good. The good thing is that the power of the Supreme Goddess becomes available to us. This power can help us and protect us.

But there\’s also a bad thing. Negative forces called Yama Damstras appeared during this time. They can cause health problems, accidents, and even death. That\’s why some elderly people with health issues pass away around this time.

To tap into the good energy and protect ourselves from the bad, our ancestors advised us to worship the Goddess during Navaratri. When you do this sincerely, you\’ll feel her protective care.

People say that when the Goddess showers her grace upon you, it means you have everything. If you dedicate yourself to Navaratri worship, you\’ll truly understand this.

Sometimes, life can be tough. You might face challenges or make mistakes. But if you worship the Goddess during Navaratri, she can guide and help you.

Now we will know how you do it.

There are five types of worship mentioned in the scriptures. The first is called the Shodasopachara puja. You should do this at least twice a day, in the morning and evening. There\’s a video that shows you how, and it only takes about 20 minutes.

If you can\’t do the evening worship, there\’s a shorter version that takes just 5 minutes. But be sure not to miss the morning and evening worship.

The second way is the Kumari puja. You can worship young girls, imagining them as the Goddess.

Navaratri Kumari (Kanya) Puja is a ritual observed during the Hindu festival of Navaratri, where young girls are worshipped as the embodiment of the Goddess Durga. Here are the steps for performing this puja in simple words:

  1. Preparation:
    • Clean the puja area and arrange it with a clean cloth or mat.
    • Gather necessary items, including flowers, fruits, sweets, a small idol or image of the Goddess, a coconut, and some gifts for the young girls.
  2. Inviting the Girls:
    • Invite a group of young girls, usually between the ages of 1 and 9, to your home or the puja location. They represent the embodiment of Goddess Durga.
  3. Welcome and Wash Their Feet:
    • Welcome the girls and treat them with respect and love. Offer them a seat.
    • Wash their feet as a symbol of purification. You can use a small bowl of water or a wet cloth.
  4. Applying Tilak:
    • Apply a tilak (a mark made with vermillion or sandalwood paste) on their foreheads as a mark of blessings.
  5. Offering Gifts:
    • Give them small gifts, like bangles, ribbons, hairpins, or other age-appropriate items as a token of your appreciation and blessings.
  6. Serving Food:
    • Serve them a simple meal, which typically includes puri (fried bread), chana (chickpeas), halwa (sweet semolina), and fruit. This meal is considered sacred and is believed to be blessed by the Goddess.
  7. Prayers and Aarti:
    • Perform prayers to the image or idol of the Goddess Durga. You can recite mantras and offer flowers, incense, and aarti (a lit lamp) to the deity.
  8. Seeking Blessings:
    • After the prayers, seek the blessings of the young girls, touching their feet or bowing down before them.
  9. Distributing Prasad:
    • Give Prasad (blessed food) to the girls. This could be a portion of the meal you served them during the puja.
  10. Express Gratitude:
    • Thank the girls and their parents for participating in the puja and offer them any prasad that remains.
  11. Conclude the Puja:
    • Conclude the puja by thanking the Goddess for her blessings and seeking her continued protection and guidance.

This Navaratri Kumari Puja is a beautiful way to celebrate the divine feminine energy and show respect to young girls, who are considered the purest form of the Goddess during the Navaratri festival. It is a symbol of love, purity, and devotion.)

The third way is to worship Aparajitha Devi on Vijaya Dasami day. There\’s a special prayer for this.

The fourth way is to worship the Shami tree. Please don\’t harm the tree; you can use a small branch for the puja.

The fifth way is to offer food to the needy, hungry, or visually impaired individuals. You can distribute food.

Remember to celebrate during Navaratri, eat pure vegetarian food, and avoid distractions. Focus on the Goddess and repeat the Durga Devi mantras. There are specific slokas for each day that you can find on our blog on the slokas/Stotras page.

Sleeping on the floor is recommended, but if you have health issues, it\’s okay to use a bed. Fasting and sleeping on the floor are best for those who are healthy.

By following these practices, you can have your wishes fulfilled by the Goddess, and even if not, just worshiping her is a great blessing.

So, join in Navaratri and experience the positive energy it can bring to your life. We hope it brings happiness to you and our online family. We consider you part of our extended family and wish you a wonderful Navaratri.

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