What is special about Golden Temple Vellore?

Hello! We all heard about the Golden Mahalakshmi temple in Vellore, and many of us have visited it. It is a fantastic place you should visit at least once in your life. There is a 70 kg golden idol of Mahalakshmi in the temple that you can touch and perform a special ritual called “abhishekam” to solve financial problems.

Usually, when people visit the temple, they see the main deity and leave. But there are some amazing secrets behind the temple’s artifacts, thanks to a great person named Shakti Amma. His goal was to create a place that welcomes everyone, regardless of their background.

Sripuram Golden temple

Let’s start by exploring the temple’s innermost sanctum and the secrets hidden there. It’s a unique experience, with the temple shining like a golden mountain in the dark morning sky, reflected in the water. The elephant even offers water for the ritual. This is a rare and wonderful experience. The main deity, Ammavaru, has a big, black idol with a delightful smile, which is usually not visible from a distance.  It’s an experience that’s hard to put into words.

Shakti Amma

The story behind the smile is interesting. Shakti Amma once saw Ammavaru’s smile in the sky, and he wanted the idol to reflect that. He asked the sculptor to make a new idol with a beautiful smile, and after many attempts, the perfect one was made in a cowshed. You can witness this smile during the Abhishekam ritual.

There are more fascinating things about Ammavaru. She wears nose rings that look like the sun and moon. These represent the yoga secrets of “Ida nadi” (sun) and “Pingala nadi” (moon). Ammavaru also wears a golden chain with Dashavataras, representing the ten incarnations.

Moving on, there are two live-size golden idols of Ammavaru holding lotuses and conches on either side of the entrance. They represent Nidhi Devatas. The temple also has golden feet that everyone can touch, symbolizing the importance of cow worship.

The temple’s large Goshala, a cow shed, is an extraordinary place where cows are treated like royalty. Shakti Amma does daily worship, even when VIPs visit, demonstrating great care and attention.

You can do a pradakshina, a circumambulation, around the temple, and observe four marvelous gopurams, or towers, that remind you of Tirumala and Sri Rangam. Vellore is special to Ammavaru because of her devotion to Lord Venkateswara and Ranganatha Swami.

The 70 kg golden Lakshmi idol is unique because you can touch it and perform Abhishekam. Shakti Amma wanted everyone to have access to this ritual without restrictions. The golden idol was made possible by a generous Muslim devotee from Dubai.

In the temple, everyone is welcome to take darshan (viewing) without tickets. This inclusivity is a part of Shakti Amma’s vision to bring people closer to cosmic energy.

Sanatana Dharma

Sanatana Dharma, the eternal religion, thrives here thanks to the daily Vedic chanting, homams (rituals), and the serene atmosphere. Additionally, there is a school, hospital, and restaurant that feeds thousands of people every day.

Shakti Amma is the driving force behind all this, and he’s only 44 years old. His love and devotion to Ammavaru empower this incredible place. There are more secrets and stories to explore in the temple, and we will share them in other videos. Sri Matre Namah!

Lakshmi Yantra

In the Vellore Golden Temple, devotees walk along a special Starpath to reach the home of Sri Lakshmi Narayani. This path has a star-like shape with 6 points, and it’s about 1.1 kilometers long. I am wondering why it’s designed like this. Let’s explore the reasons behind it, as seen through Shakti Amma’s perspective.

The distinctive star shape represents the Mahalakshmi Yantra, which has the power to eliminate negative energy and financial difficulties. The Starpath is intended to allow everyone to experience the positive effects of this yantra.

Tirumala Ananda Nilayam temple

In the Tirumala Ananda Nilayam temple, there’s a sub-shrine for Yoga Narasimha Swamy. It also features a Mahalakshmi Yantra similar to the one found in the Vellore Starpath. This yantra helps remove negative energy and brings blessings in the form of positive energy.

The idea behind the Starpath is to help eliminate negative energy and channel positive energy. It was created to benefit everyone. While the physically disabled can use wheelchairs, walking along the path is encouraged for able-bodied devotees.

Still skeptical about the Starpath’s significance? Here’s a story about the famous Indian actress B. Saroja Devi. She had severe knee pain and was advised to undergo surgery. However, she chose to seek Shakti Amma’s blessings instead. Following Shakti Amma’s advice and walking the entire Starpath, she made a remarkable recovery, received a lifetime achievement award, and went on to accept it gracefully.

After exiting the Starpath, there are three important places to visit. The temple of Lord Ganesha features a 1700kg silver Ganesha idol. Opposite this temple is Srinivasa Perumal’s temple, where Lord Venkateswara’s smile is a sight to behold.

What’s remarkable in the Vellore temple complex is the harmonious presence of Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Goddess Lakshmi. Shakti Amma pays equal respect to all of them. The main deity, Lord Venkateswara, stands at 10 feet tall.

As you walk along the Starpath, you’ll come across a serene stone statue of Lord Dakshinamurthy, who carries a Mahalakshmi Yantra in his palm. Near Lord Perumal’s sanctum, you’ll find Lord Garuda, whose consecration was an extraordinary event.

Golden Temple Vellore Timings

The temple offers General Darshan from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM daily. Abhishekam rituals are conducted from 4:00 AM to 8:00 AM, while Aarti Seva takes place from 6:00 PM to 7:00 PM. The temple remains open year-round for devotees to visit and seek blessings.


At the entrance of the seven gates of the Golden Temple, there’s Guru Peedam, where Shakti Amma has installed a Lakshmi Yantra. It’s unusual because it’s visible, and it can help you overcome financial difficulties when you recite “Sri Durga Saranam Mama.”

Don’t miss the chance to explore the temple complex, pay your respects to the deities, and walk along the Starpath for a unique spiritual experience.

People also ask

Why is Vellore Golden Temple famous?

The Vellore Golden Temple, officially known as the Sri Puram Golden Temple, is renowned for its stunning architectural beauty and opulence. It is a spiritual and pilgrimage destination located in Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India. The temple complex is adorned with intricate gold leafing and ornate designs, making it one of the most visually striking temples in the country. Additionally, the temple is dedicated to the goddess Mahalakshmi, further adding to its significance for devotees seeking blessings and spiritual fulfillment.

What is the entry fee for Vellore Golden Temple?

There is no entry fee levied for entering the temple or the park.

Is there a rush in Golden Temple Vellore?

The Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple in Vellore, also known as the Golden Temple, can experience periods of high visitor traffic, particularly during weekends, holidays, and special religious occasions. These times may see increased crowds and longer waiting times for darshan (viewing of the deity). It’s advisable to plan your visit accordingly, arrive early if possible, and be prepared for some degree of rush, especially if visiting during peak times. Additionally, checking the temple’s schedule and any special events beforehand can help you avoid the busiest periods.

Which goddess is in Vellore Golden Temple?

The main deity worshipped at the Vellore Golden Temple, also known as Sri Lakshmi Narayani Golden Temple, is Goddess Lakshmi Narayani. The temple is dedicated to the goddess Mahalakshmi, who is considered the embodiment of wealth, prosperity, and auspiciousness in Hinduism.

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