The festivals of Naraka Chaturdasi and Deepavali

Naraka Chaturdasi and Diwali are special festivals coming up. Many people think about new clothes, sweets, and fireworks during these festivals. However, there are three important things to do for these occasions to honor divine powers.

Pitru Devata Puja: This should be done on Naraka Chaturdasi day. It might sound confusing because Pitru Devata Puja is often associated with another time called Mahalaya Paksham. But Naraka Chaturdasi and Diwali are significant for Pitru Devatas too. They come to earth during Mahalaya Paksham to accept offerings. We show them the way back to the divine realm on Naraka Chaturdasi and Deepavali. This pleases them, and when Pitru Devatas are pleased, it brings blessings for our family for generations. To do this, light a special lamp show it to the sky three times, and leave it on the ground.

Sending Off Alakshmi:¬†Alakshmi is believed to reside in unclean places. To send her away, wake up early on Deepavali and apply sesame oil all over your body. Then take a bath. This cleanses your body of Alakshmi. To cleanse your house of Alakshmi, make sure there\’s no dust or dirt, especially in the puja room. Dusty and unclean places are where Alakshmi is thought to stay.

Welcoming Goddess Lakshmi: To welcome Mother Lakshmi, keep your wealth, gold, and money in front of Her. You offer these to Her as a sign of gratitude. Clean and arrange your jewelry and other valuables, then worship Her with a Shodasa Upachara Puja (16-step ritual).


Dhantheras – November 11th 2023

\”Akshaya Tritiya is approaching, and some men are facing pressure from their wives to buy gold during this festival. Unfortunately, the value of the gold hasn\’t increased, and their loan payments have gone up, causing financial difficulties. This has turned their homes into battlegrounds, as their wives insist on buying a substantial amount of gold. This situation has led to debt problems, and they are seeking solutions.

Lakshmi Kubera Vratham

By performing Lakshmi Kubera Vratham, a powerful ritual. This ritual usually involves reciting Vedic mantras, Mula mantras, Beejaksharas, and using Yantras. You can do this on Akshaya Tritiya, Dhana Trayodashi (before Deepavali), Karthika Panchami, or during the months of Sravana or Magha, on Thursdays or Fridays, or full moon days throughout the year. If you have a specific desire or intention, you can perform it a total of 9 times, as Kubera is the lord of 9 treasures.

This ritual can address severe financial issues, boost business, improve agriculture, and enhance career and job prospects. It\’s important to note that while hard work is essential, destiny and past actions can also influence our lives. This vratham has the power to alleviate strong Karmic influences and invite divine grace.

To perform this ritual, you need to follow four simple rules: take an early morning shower on the day of the vratham, observe a strict fast, practice celibacy, and consume only sattvic (pure) food.

The vratham involves setting up a small altar with a photo of Lakshmi Devi, Kubera, and his wife Chitra Rekha (or a substitute photo). You also need a Lakshmi Devi idol, two 1-rupee coins (representing Kubera and Chitra Rekha), turmeric, vermilion, a banana leaf, uncooked rice, and naivedyam (offering of food).

The puja process includes several steps, like lighting lamps, and performing Achamanam, and Sankalpam. You\’ll worship Ganapati, the Navagrahas, Dikpalakas, and Lokapalakas. The heart of the ritual is the Shodasopachara puja, which includes 16 types of rituals and prayers. Remember to offer Naivedyam and perform Neerajanam to conclude the vratham.

After completing the vratham, invite someone for a meal, considering them as a representation of Kubera, and offer them food. If no one visits offer food to street animals as an act of kindness.


By performing these rituals, you honor three divine powers during Naraka Chaturdasi and Deepavali. Happy Diwali to everyone!

when is Diwali

Naraka chaturdasi 11/Nov/2023
Diwali – Deepavali: 12/Nov/2023

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